The safe decommissioning of nuclear power plants is a growing global challenge. CDI is prepared to meet this challenge and has invested in a vast network of decommissioning professionals across several continents. With over thirty years of experience in global nuclear operations through our parent companies, CDI is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of the global decommissioning market. From pre-planning to the safe long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel, CDI has the solution. 

We specialize in:

  • Decommissioning planning (project management and decommissioning cost estimating)
  • Transition planning (operations to decommissioning)
  • Negotiation of varied international regulatory frameworks
  • Engineering for decommissioning
  • Waste management and packaging
  • Decontamination services and equipment
  • Large component handling and segmentation
  • Spent nuclear fuel management
  • Innovative solutions for environmental remediation
  • Training and mentoring

Pierre Oneid

Senior Vice President & Chief Nuclear Officer, Holtec

Mr. Pierre Paul Oneid is the Senior Vice President of Holtec International, and President of Holtec Decommissioning International (HDI). Mr. Oneid earned an Executive Master of Business Administration from Queens University in Canada in 1998 and a B.A. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ottawa, Canada in 1981. Mr. Oneid is a Professional Engineer with thirty-eight years of experience in the Nuclear Industry, including twelve years in mechanical and structural design, eight years in Business Development, and fourteen years in Executive Positions. He is a member of NEI, Nuclear Strategic Initiative Advisory Committee (NSIAC), and NEI, Suppliers Advisory Committee (SAC).

Mr. Oneid is the corporate executive responsible for the Nuclear Power Division, and the Heat Transfer Division. Mr. Oneid views himself as Holtec’s transformation executive with the mission to imbue the company with a “Customer First Customer Foremost” ethos through which he seeks to deepen the company’s relationships with its clients using a core group of the company’s personnel dedicated to strengthening service and responsiveness. He also serves as the Chairman of the Holtec International’s Executive Committee.

Mark Morant

Executive Vice President, Global Decommissioning, SNC-Lavalin

Mark Morant is the Global Market Lead for CDI. Prior to that position, Mr. Morant held an interim appointment as CDI’s Chief Executive Officer, where he was instrumental in the formation of CDI as a joint venture company. Mr. Morant has over 30 years of executive level management within the nuclear industry and has a strong reputation for driving innovation and business growth. He has extensive experience leading nuclear decommissioning and radwaste management organizations including service as the Managing Director of Magnox Electric, a nuclear generating and decommissioning business owned by BNFL in the UK. This role involved the management of 4500 people and 10 nuclear sites (all at varying stages of operations, defueling and decommissioning).

Mr. Morant previously served as an Executive Officer for EnergySolutions in a variety of roles including President of Global Commercial operations and President of International operations. Under Mr. Morant’s oversight, the company expanded to markets in Canada, China and Japan. Mr. Morant lead support for waste cleanup operations at Fukushima by negotiating a localized partnership with Toshiba Corporation. Mr. Morant also provided Executive oversight of the US’s first Licensed Stewardship reactor D&D project at Zion in Illinois. In June of 2017 Mr. Morant was appointed President of SNC Lavalin’s US nuclear business with Executive responsibility for the group’s global center of excellence for reactor D&D. 

Rick Springman

Vice President of International Projects, Holtec 

Dr. Rick Springman is Vice President of International Projects for Holtec International. In this role, Dr. Springman is responsible to manage international project development and oversee project execution for private and public sector utilities in South America, Europe (excluding Ukraine), Far East Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa, reporting directly to the CEO. In conjunction with this responsibility, Dr. Springman is responsible for establishment and operations of Holtec’s subsidiary companies Sizlon (UK), Holtec do Brasil (Brazil), and Holtec EU (Madrid) and serves as the executive liaison for coordinating development and project activities with Holtec Africa (South Africa), also serving on the Board of Directors of Holtec Africa. In establishing new projects, he leads strategy development, strategic partnerships, and supply chain development in new markets. Dr. Springman works closely with Holtec’s engineering and licensing departments, co-authoring three patents in the field of nuclear material management and supporting the environmental and nuclear licensing of storage and transportation packages for spent nuclear fuel and other forms of nuclear material. Recently, Dr. Springman has been appointed to lead the establishment of Holtec’ battery manufacturing Joint Venture, HI-POWER.

Corey DeWitt

Manager, Business Development, CDI

Corey DeWitt currently manages the business development activities for CDI.  In this role, he is responsible for both US and international business development working jointly with both parent companies to bring their centers of excellence into CDI’s decommissioning planning and delivery projects.  Prior to his appointment to CDI, Mr. DeWitt worked in the nuclear industry for 17 years with progressive experience in both operations and business development for both operating and decommissioning US nuclear power reactors, as well as facilities within the uranium fuel cycle. Mr. DeWitt is a Penn State graduate who earned a BS in Chemical Engineering.