Comprehensive Decommissioning International, LLC (CDI) is dedicated to the safe, rapid, and economic decommissioning of shuttered nuclear plants. CDI is a joint venture of Holtec International and SNC-Lavalin (TSX: SNC) headquartered in Camden, New Jersey. CDI’s focus is performing accelerated decommissioning of retired nuclear power plants using innovative technologies to cut the total time elapsed to release plant sites for unrestricted use to six to eight years, pending regulatory approvals (with the exception of the temporary dry storage installation).

The safe deconstruction of nuclear power plants requires complex project planning and project management, specialized nuclear skills, proven processes and innovative technologies. CDI encompasses all of these attributes and, backed by the financial strength of the partner companies, is positioned to lead the way in decommissioning and spent fuel storage.

Holtec and SNC-Lavalin both boast long histories of strong financial performance and portfolios of first-to-market technologies. Both companies bring to CDI a legacy of safe nuclear operations, quality performance, and on-time project delivery. CDI provides a comprehensive solution to reactor decontamination and decommissioning, bringing technology and innovation to fuel management and facilities’ deconstruction.

CDI, the joint venture company, is committed to the enhancement of the communities in which it operates. Employing financially sustainable business practices, CDI ensures the upholding of obligations made as a trusted steward of legacy nuclear materials.

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Recent News

Holtec International

Holtec Files Request to Acquire Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station by End of 2019, Complete Decommissioning Decades Sooner than Entergy

Entergy Corp. and Holtec International, through their affiliates, asked the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) today to approve the sale of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station to Holtec after shutdown. Holtec plans to complete decommissioning and site restoration decades sooner than if Entergy completed decommissioning. The companies jointly filed a License Transfer Application, r ...


Celebrating Nuclear Science Week

By Sandy Taylor Vice-Chairman, CDI & President, Nuclear, SNC-Lavalin   Oct 15-19 marks Nuclear Science Week, an occasion to celebrate all aspects of nuclear science. From answering growing energy needs in a way that is clean and sustainable, to aiding in medical research towards diagnosing and curing diseases, nuclear science is crucial to our everyday lives. But what about safely ...

Holtec International

Holtec International to Acquire Pilgrim and Palisades Sites from Entergy after their Reactors Shutdown

As reported in the media, Entergy Corp. (NYSE: ETR) has agreed to sell the subsidiaries that own the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and the Palisades Power Plant in Covert, Michigan, after their shutdowns and reactor defuelings, to a Holtec International subsidiary for accelerated decommissioning. The sales include the transfer of the licenses, spent fuel, and Nuclear De ...